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>> reporter: with the rest of this year still in question, lawmakers are already debating next year's budget. president obama wants a big deal that addresses the long-term deficit. he's hoping several sit-downs this week on capitol hill put lawmakers in a better mood to compromise. >> i think we've had good conversations, but ultimately it's a matter of the house and the senate, both caucuses getting together and everybody being willing to compromise. we'll see if we can do that. >> reporter: republicans have proposed significant cuts to entitlements, something democrats oppose, and democrats want new tax revenue, a deal breaker for republicans. republican leader mitch mcconnell put responsibility back on the president. >> his job is to deliver the members of his party. >> reporter: for now lawmakers appear no closer to a deal but they are more optimistic about the possibility of compromise. today president obama is taking a break from budget talks and traveling to illinois. he'll be focusing on another of his big priorities, alternative energy.
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richard? >> putting those walking shoes on the side after a very busy couple of days for the president. thank you, danielle. a fiery exchange between dianne feinstein and texas's senator, ted cruz. during a senate judiciary committee on banning assault-style weapons, cruz who opposes any weapons ban, questioned the constitutionality of the bill. a sharp clash resulted between feinstein and the tea party freshman. >> namely, would she consider it constitutional for congress to specify that the first amendment shall apply only to the following books and shall not apply to the books that congress has deemed outside the protection of the bill of rights. >> let me just make a couple of points in response. one, i'm not a sixth grader. senator, i've been on this committee for 20 years. i was a mayor for nine years. it's fine you want to lecture me on the constitution, i appreciate it, just know i've been here for a long time, i've passed on a number of bills, i've studied the constitution myself. i am reasonably well educated,
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and i thank you for the lecture. >> well, that bill cleared the committee on a party-line 10-8 vote and now heads to the full senate where it is likely to be defeated. president obama set a time line on iran fully developing a nuclear weapon before acting. the renewed comments from the president come as iran releases this video of a purported missile launch this morning. tehran has been the subject of harsh economic sanctions. and although mr. obama called a bomb a red line, he says their actions have not yet prompted military intervention. >> now we think that it would take over a year or so for iran to actually develop a nuclear weapon, but obviously we don't want to cut it too close and what we're going to be doing is to continue to engage internationally with iran. understanding that we've set up the toughest sanctions ever, it's having a significant
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effect. >> the president heads to israel next week where officials have repeatedly called for the white house to establish a clear line that iran cannot cross if it wants to avoid war. a powerful u.s. senator is the subject of a federal investigation. this morning's "washington post" is reporting that a grand jury is looking into actions by new jersey senator robert menendez. the 59-year-old democrat has come under scrutiny for his role in advocating for the business interests of a wealthy donor. the "post" reports menendez intervened in matters affecting finances of a florida doctor and his port contract with the dominican republic. deja vu for carnival cruise lines. passengers aboard the ship "dream" are being flown back to the u.s. today after another power problem snarls the voyage. 4300 passengers in st. maarten are heading for florida following a diesel generator problem. the ship did not lose power, but some passengers are saying there were interruptions of elevator service and restrooms were overflowing.
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another carnival ship, the legend, has canceled the last stop of a seven-day cruise due to technical difficulties that are affecting its sailing speed. and last month an engine fire crippled the carnival "trium "triumph," leaving 4400 people drifting at sea for five days. turning now to the weather. nbc meteorologist dylan dreyer is here with a look at the weekend forecast. >> i've never been one to want to go on a cruise, but those stories really make me not want to go on a cruise. >> exactly. >> i don't know. a vacation would be nice, though. we are going to see pretty chilly weather. it is march but it doesn't feel like it anywhere from even down into spots like atlanta and northern florida where it is down close to freezing right now. the west coast, though, it's a totally different story. you guys are enjoying lots of sunshine, and that's where all the warm air is hiding out. you can see this stream of moisture that was bringing a lot of rain to the seattle area, is now pushing eastward. so it is a little cloudy
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especially across northern california right now. but the rain itself is not all that heavy out in the seattle area any longer. a couple of spotty showers, that's about it. 89 degrees for a high today in vegas. 93 again in phoenix. in l.a., you will start to see things cool back down to average. we'll go from mid-70s today back down into the mid to upper 60s by the time we get into early next week. we'll also see some relief in phoenix where the normal high is in the mid-70s. we should be in the mid-80s by early next week. that's a look at california, shd be up to 66. and 79 in prescott, arizona. so the west is going to get some relief from the heat, but the northeast is not going to get any relief from the chilly air that's out there any time soon. >> but look at dylan, she is willing spring upon us, wearing
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a nice dress today. >> i made burgers for dinner last night, too. i'm willing spring to get here. >> brats are next, and that will happen. the head of the flight attendants union fights back against knives on planes. chris christie angers black leaders with comments. plus meet the 15-year-old who's over 7 feet tall, has feet bigger than shaq's, and he is still growing. at the vatican, pope francis is having an audience with the cardinals who elected him this week. later today he's expected to visit his predecessor, pope emeritus benedict xvi. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back. stories making news this morning. during a hearing on capitol hill, the head of the tsa said small knives on planes do not pose a threat, but unions representing air marshals, airline employees, and flight attendants demanded the tsa drop the idea. >> any way you slice it, a knife like this is a weapon and it doesn't belong on an airplane. >> the change in policy goes
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into effect april 25th. women's rights denied. egypt's ruling muslim brotherhood is warning against a u.n. declaration giving rights to women. among the reasons for their opposing the creed, it gives women the right to file legal complaints against their husbands accusing them of rape. text messages dominated the second day of evidence at the ohio trial where two high school football stars are accused of rape. witnesses from phone providers recalled messages between two defendants where they described the 16-year-old alleged victim as dead. defense lawyers say the girl consented to sex while prosecutors argue she was too drunk. the lapd has agreed to pay $40,000 in a settlement stemming from a case of mistaken identity. police shot up a truck last month during the manhunt for ex-cop christopher dorner thinking he was inside. new jersey governor chris christie is being asked to apologize after what some are calling a racially charged remark. he accused assembly speaker sheila oliver of blocking a bill
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on education but referred to her as, quote, the african-american female speaker of the assembly. well, coffee and tea drinkers listen up. a new study in japan finds drinking coffee or green tea daily may help lower your risk of having a stroke and that drinking both could offer an even greater benefit. researchers believe chemicals contained in the two beverages help keep blood clots from forming. >> announcer: "early today health" is brought to you by vagisil ph balance wash. in business the dow's ten-day winning streak points to economic recovery. and today the s&p is looking to set its own record after its second highest close ever on thursday. upbeat economic data has been the driver. if fact, the improving numbers have some economists upping their first quarter gdp forecast to 3%. a far cry from 2012 fourth quarter growth of .1%. bank stocks will be in focus today after the feds' late day ruling on capital plans. bank of america rose after
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getting a thumbs up, but jpmorgan and goldman sachs fell on what the fed deemed weaknesses in planning. facebook is said to be planning to roll out hash tags in the near future. the blatant piggyback on twitter's trending method would allow facebook to dip into valuable ad territory. as promised, samsung unveiled its new s4 smartphone what do you think there? they did that in new york thursday night. it boasts a larger screen and sharper images. boeing says commercial flights of its grounded 787 jets should resume, quote, within weeks. a surprising new space industry study reveals that the unmanned aircraft business will create 70,000 jobs once it's fully integrated into the u.s. national airspace system in 2015. the irs says it has $917 million in unclaimed tax refunds from 2009 that are about to expire. the money is owed to about 1 million people who have until april 15th to file a return penalty free. go get that money.
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and chelsea clinton and her husband are about to move into a new home sweet home. the posh manhattan pad in nomad, and that is new york city slang for north of madison square park, it's about 5,000 square feet, has 4 bedrooms and 6 1/2 baths. and that's all for a cool $10.5 million. straight ahead, bill clinton hits the co-ed scene while college hoops prepares for march madness. and the heat is on in the southwest. i'll tell you how long it will stick around. you're watching "early today."
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yeah, pope still at the top there. now to some other stories that caught our eye this morning. in virginia, the latest in a string of more than 60 arson fires took down an old restaurant wednesday night. nobody was inside when the quick-spreading fire began. a reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for the dozens of arson fires set since november. in louisiana a pipeline fire that began tuesday continued to burn last night. the u.s. coast guard says the barge is carrying roughly 92,000 gallons of oil. authorities are waiting for the fire to burn itself out. in florida, a man dressed in women's clothing walked into a bank, demanding the teller fill his purse with cash. police believe he may have dressed in women's clothes so he would not be remembered, but with no mask, they don't think he'll get very far. i'll just say.
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finally, a small michigan town is standing behind one of its super-sized treasures. 15-year-old brock brown was born with a form of gigantism. with feet bigger than shaq's, the community has taken to facebook to raise support and the medical pitfalls. while brock continues to grow, the gentle giant is embracing his height as a virtue there. in sports, thrills in college basketball conference tournaments as teams battle for bids to the ncaa tournament. in the big east, number 19 syracuse going down to the wire and was able to knock off number 17 pittsburgh, 62-59. the orange advance to the semifinals tonight. they will face number five, george torna georgetown which dominated cincinnati. the hoyas there have won 25 games this season and lost only five. and after louisville won its biggest game, former president bill clinton went into the team's locker room to congratulate coach rick pitino and the nation's fourth ranked team. they play notre dame in the semifinals tonight. and in the big ten
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tournament, a preview of march madness yet to come as illinois hits the buzzer beater to edge minnesota, 51-49. next illinois faces number three ranked indiana. boom. at the world baseball classic, toronto's jose reyes drove in the final run for the dominican republic as they defeated usa 3-1. the americans get one last chance to advance today against puerto rico. legendary basketball and baseball coach jack hearn as died at age 82. 55 years as archbishop malloy in new york city. he taught generations of players while winning more than 2,600 games, over 900 in basketball and 1,100 in baseball. you know you've got a reputation problem when even "jeopardy!'s" alex trebek makes fun of you. i'm talking about taylor swift. plus, jewelry stolen from actress julianne hough, and the baubles and trinkets were from boyfriend ryan seacrest. details next.
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good morning. it is a foggy start in southern california this morning. it's also very mild down into arizona. 65 currently in phoenix. we are going to see some showers in seattle today, but they should be light. nothing like the heavier rain we had yesterday. portland should top out around 59 degrees. phoenix, 93 this afternoon. and then as we go into the weekend, a couple more showers in the northwest. and still warm in the southwest. that's where all that warm air's hiding. i'd love to have some over here. >> i'm going west this weekend.
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>> you're going to get in on some good weather. it might take sleight of hand for "the incredible burt wonderstone" to have a magical box office weekend. the comedy about las vegas magicians has solid star power in steve carell, olivia wild and jim carrey, but according to "fandango's" new fan-ticipation meter, which uses social media and advanced ticket sales to gauge a film's buzz, "oz, the great and powerful" is, indeed, tracking for another great weekend. well, justin bieber wrote a lengthy instagram post thursday shooting down rehab rumors and, quote, countless lies in the press. he also took a shot at lindsay lohan saying people comparing him to the troubled actress should, quote look at her 2012 tax statements. justin quickly deleted that section of the post and said it was wrong of him to say. actress julianne hough reportedly had $100,000 worth of jewelry stolen from her mercedes. the jewelry given to her by long-time boyfriend ryan seacrest included a $50,000 watch.
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dylan, why is she keeping all of that in her car, right? hmm. finally, "jeopardy!" had fun at taylor swift's expense with this clue of her troubled love life. even trebek is getting in on this. "2009's best female country vocal went to her for "white horse" where she goes off to an ex-boyfriend. real shocker there i guess is what they're saying. >> i love when they have those clues and then they put something like "shocker." something real -- >> you wouldn't see that 20 or 10 years ago. >> no, very formal. >> i'm richard lui. you're watching "early today," just your first stop of the day on your nbc station.
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the lead story on "politico" this morning, joe manchin fights uphill battle for gun deal saying the pro-nra senate democrat could be president obama's best hope for a bipartisan gun package. and the most popular story in "the washington post," bergoglio challenged moral authority of argentina's elected leaders over poverty and social issues. well, napoleon bonaparte might have been busy as a young general, but apparently he still found time for love. the sapphire and diamond engagement ring given to his first wife josephine is on display in paris. one of many historical treasures set for auction later this month. considered a simple piece for its time, the ring could fetch up to $16,000. it looks pretty simple. yeah, i thought it would be more, too. at least dylan would pay more for it. the new pontiff is elected, and if it seems like you're seeing him everywhere, you're right. italian carvers famous for a
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nativity scene made quick work of these painted wooden effigies. perhaps the most unique goes to a sand artist in india who carved the pope's face right onto the beach. not bad. in japan, some playful pups are proving they really can teach an old dog new tricks. dressed to impress in bows and ties, the members of the wow wow dog circus are real performers trotting on balls, daring narrow balance beams and even jumping rope. these dogs do it all. the circus aims to educate children about responsible pet ownership and adopting shelter pets in need of a good home. >> i love that last dog that just jumped in there, like i want to play! >> of course. and very talented. time for a look at the stories we'll be following throughout the day. mitt romney, former presidential candidate, will speak at the conservative political action conference today. today is the tekd day of the three-day conference taking place in maryland. other speakers include donald trump, paul ryan, wayne lapierre and bobby jindal. also today the u.s. chamber of
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commerce is hosting a fair for military members. and a happy 80th birthday to u.s. supreme court justice rut bader ginsburg. here's a look at what's coming up later on "today." in an exclusive, ann curry speaks with one wall street's former top female executives about her sacrifices and regrets. and can napping at work really make you more productive? one office is putting snooze rooms to the test. now, keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports and more. i'm richard lui along with dylan dreyer who you can catch on the "today" show this weekend. thanks for watching "early today." have a great weekend.
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. . i put them anywhere i could find. anyone that wants to hear what's going on in our neighborhood neighbors taking action after a san jose teacher is arrested for possessing child pornography. the new twist in the story. new developments in the death of a san jose biker, what police are saying happened in the moments before he disappeared last september. finally coming to an end. what's happening in the case against a former sf crime lab tech accused of stealing evidence we take it outside live over san francisco. that is your bay bridge dancing in the darkness. the good news, ladies and gentlemen, it is friday. i'll say it one more time. friday, march 15th. this is "today in the bay." always an added jolt of
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energy on fridays. it is 4:31. good morning. i'm jon kelly. i'm laura garcia cannon. let's first check the forecast with christina. good morning. good morning, jon and laura. happy, happy friday. temperatures nice and mild. 40s, 50s, no 30s to report. the good news is, we have a great looking st. patrick's day weekend coming up. i will have your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. first, want to check the drive on a friday with mike inouye. we are looking at fremont and 880. we have one east bay incident to talk about. it is a significant alert. get to the maps to show you the same area. it is not the fremont funnel. that is fine. the sinol is just fine. as you are approaching airway, the reports of a big rig blocking three lanes of your freeway. we just got the update.

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